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How Can We Help You?

At PacSam Video Games, the quality of our service and the reliability of our products come first; because your trust is our most precious asset. Whether it's for questions about our store or the world of retro gaming, we are always here to help you!

For questions related to warranties, returns or exchanges, delivery, shipping or pickup, payment methods, payment plans and layaway, please refer to our store policies.

FAQ - Questions / Answers

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a physical store and it is not possible to come and see our inventory in person. However, it is possible to pick up in Gatineau.

Do you buy video games?

Sure ! We buy your retro video games and collectible video games for sale in order to offer a great range of products to our customers.

Are you also doing trade?

Yes ! We generally offer very good trade-in value for your retro video games for sale.

Is your inventory up to date?

Our games, consoles and accessories inventory is updated once or twice a week. Therefor, it is possible that an item you are interested in may be no longer available. Contact us to check all availability.

Are the prices negotiable?

Yes and no. Our unit prices are firm (non-negotiable) and are among the best in Canada with comparable service (cleaning, inspection, authentication, testing and warranty). It is possible to slightly negotiate the total price for a purchase of many items.

Are you doing promo sales sometimes?

Yes ! In order to no miss anything, we suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook now. Don't forget to look out our video games deals and video games clearance sections from time to time.

Can I see a product before buying it?

Sure ! If you are a video game collector or if physical condition is important to you, we strongly encourage you to request pictures to validate your purchase.

Can I try a game before buying it?

No. However, we offer a limited warranty that covers any functionality issues.

Are your items working properly?

All of our video games, consoles and accessories are inspected, cleaned and tested thoroughly before a sale and they work perfectly.

Are your retro games authentic?

Our retro game inventory is 100% authentic! We do not sell any reproduction Nintendo or SEGA game cartridges in our online store.

Do you have reproductions for sale?

Yes and no. Sometimes we receive retro game reproductions in the lots we buyed, but we never display them on our website. Contact us for a list of "repro" games available.

Can you notify me when you receive a game?

Sure ! Leave us your wish list with your email and phone number, we will contact you when we receive the games you want.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Contact us as soon as you notice a problem with your order. It will be our pleasure to help you as much as possible.

Do you repair consoles and controllers?

Yes ! We offer a cleaning, maintenance and minor repair service for old Nintendo and SEGA consoles and controllers, in the Gatineau and Ottawa region. We can also clean and maintain other old consoles or accessories on request.

Do you have spare parts for sale?

Yes ! We have a great selection of parts, accessories and tools for restoring and repairing old Nintendo and SEGA consoles and controllers. We also have some used parts on request if needed.

Do retro games work on recent televisions?

Yes ! However, you may need an adapter for your television. Most retro consoles need a 3-color RCA cable AV input.

Warning ! Unfortunately, some retro gaming accessories, such as the "NES Zapper Gun" or other "Light Guns" from Nintendo and SEGA, only work with CRT televisions.


What do the terms CIB, CIB+ or LOOSE mean?

What do the terms REPRO, BOOTLEG, FAN-MADE and ROM-HACK mean?

What do the terms CLONE CONSOLE and DEDICATED CONSOLE mean?

What do the terms CHEAT CODE and SECRET CODE mean?

In the old generations of video games, it was not possible to pay to win, instead we used cheat codes or secret codes that developers voluntarily added to games to facilitate the testing period.

The most notable example is undoubtedly the KONAMI CODE (UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A) to activate a secret option in most games developed by Konami on Nintendo (Gradius, Contra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and others).

You have not found your answer?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have other questions, comments or suggestions about our store or the retro gaming world. We will be happy to discuss video games and share our passion for this hobby with you!