PacSam Video Games

Sell or Recycle your Video Games in Outaouais

Looking to sell some video games or your entire collection? PacSam Video Games is always looking for lots or collections of video games, consoles and accessories for sale in order to offer a diversified retro games inventory to all gamers and collectors across Canada. We offer competitive buying prices or advantageous store credit for your old video games (Nintendo, SEGA and others).

Contact us with clear pictures and a complete list of your items for sale to get a quick and free quote! This service is only offered around Gatineau and Ottawa area, but we can travel all across Quebec and Ontario provinces or use shipping for a great classic video games collection.

A Second Life for your Used Video Games

At PacSam Video Games, preserving the history of video games by giving them a second life to nostalgic gamers or collectors is an integral part of our mission. We are working hard to restore and refurbish these entertainment or collectible items, to make sure they will be well appreciated, used again and durable over time.

We accept all authentic and old-school games, consoles and accessories: NINTENDO, SEGA, PLAYSTATION, XBOX and OTHERS (TurboGrafx-16, 3DO, Neo Geo and Atari). We are also looking for original boxes, posters and instructions, promo items, magazines, strategy guides and other related items.

We don’t accept games, consoles and accessories from the last two generations (PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, Wii U, SWITCH, ...) and computer games.

Recycling Defective Video Games

At PacSam Video Games, we always need spare parts for various restoration and maintenance projects on consoles and retro games. We prefer using authentic parts as much as possible for an eco-friendly and durable perspective; because reusing is always better than recycling for the environment. It is therefore possible, with our help, to recycle and give a new life to your old video games, consoles and accessories that no longer work, are damaged or unwanted.

We recycle items from NINTENDO, SEGA and some other platforms (TurboGrafx-16, 3DO, Neo Geo and Atari).

We don’t recycle third party items or defective game discs.

Fast and Free Estimate

Look and search around your closets, basement, garage and attic for these forgotten old video games and contact us for an evaluation and an honest offer. It will be a pleasure for us to recover and restore your classic video games in order to pass them to other enthusiasts!