PacSam Video Games

Who We Are

PacSam Video Games is an emerging online store, specialized in classic and retro video games, to visit in Quebec, Ontario and even across Canada. Whether through the choice, quality and reliability of our products and services, we are working hard to be a reference in retrogaming in Quebec and Ontario.

As our slogan suggests, take the warp zone to your childhood and relive beautiful moments with your families and friends by rediscovering your favorite game characters like Mario, Sonic, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and others!

PacSam Video Games

A Young Company that Stands Out

At, we are trying to do things differently to make this local business, a game shop where trust, environmental friendliness and ethics are valued much more than money.

The mission that we are committed to support is to offer an impeccable service, quality products and an eco-friendly approach, so that all nostalgic gamers can replay their childhood classics and that all collectors can admire collectibles they covet.

To achieve these ambitious words, we have adopted many concrete actions such as our PacSam Seal of Quality program, our Video Games Purchase and Recycling program and our Shipping Materials Recycling and Reuse program.

Samuel Lacroix - PacSam Video Games Store Owner

A Passionate Collector has been created by Samuel Lacroix, a passionate retro video games collector who spends most of his free time making great discoveries, all over Quebec and Ontario, in order to restore them and proudly display them.

Indeed, during about 7 years, I have been buying, trading and selling old-school video games in Gatineau and Ottawa, in order to expand my personal collection. Until then, it was mostly just a hobby, but as it grew in terms of resources, time and space, I made the wild decision to start a business in October 2021!

Today, with more than 9 years of experience in the retrogaming world, I wish to share this passion with you through my various platforms (social networks, online store, blog and newsletter) for fun, nostalgia, fellowship and learning new knowledge.

Samuel Lacroix - Ottawa Game and Toy Exchange Convention 2021

A service that meets your expectations

Whether it is for a retro games buying, selling and trading service or retro console cleaning and repair service, the owner of put all the necessary actions in order to meets your expectations.

Recovering, restoring, refurbishing and preserving the history of video games by giving them a second life is really important for me! What sets me apart from my fellow collectors and resellers; it is the quality of my service and the reliability of my products which are always authentic, inspected, cleaned and tested.

However, I’m working hard to have a diversified video games inventory at competitive prices, which will appeal to nostalgic people, retro gamers and collectors. Visit and see by yourself!

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