PacSam Video Games

PacSam Seal of Quality

The quality of our service and the reliability of our products are not aspects to be neglected at PacSam Video Games. Indeed, we are treating every console, game and accessory as if it were an item of our personal old-school games collection. Unless otherwise stated, all used games, consoles and accessories are rigorously tested, inspected, authenticated and professionally cleaned before sale.

Please never hesitate to contact us to request pictures and details on the items you are interested in. Trust PacSam Video Games for all your needs in retro video game and classic console!

The PacSam Method in 4 Steps

In 7 years in this hobby, buying, selling and trading retro video games as a collector, I have had practically no return nor negative review from buyers. How did I have achieved such a level of satisfaction? By instituting a meticulous method that I have mastered over the time!

In order to obtain the PacSam Seal of Quality and be ready to sell, all authentic and used video games must go through the 4-steps PacSam Method:

1. Product authentication

To get started, I make sure that every console, game and accessory is original and authentic. As a collector, I have developed an excellent expertise in detecting reproductions or counterfeits on the used market.

2. Product cleaning

Then, I clean each item meticulously and carefully, being very careful not to damage anything. My complete cleaning includes the exterior and interior of consoles, games and most accessories. I am doing the impossible to make sure every item is not only clean and impeccable, but durable over time too!

3. Product inspection

The advantage of opening each item for cleaning is obviously that it's easier to inspect the internal components and spot any issues that may affect the durability of your video games. Indeed, an external visual inspection does not always make possible to clearly see any problem such as rust, end-of-life components, insects, dust, liquid damage and others that will affect the longevity of your items.

4. Functionality test

The last step, but not the least, is to thoroughly test each console, game and accessory. Usually, I always test each item twice; once after complete cleaning and once before sale.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about classic video games or our PacSam Seal of Quality program. We will be happy to discuss video games and share our passion for this hobby with you!