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PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Our complete inventory of authentic PlayStation 3 (PS3) games, consoles and accessories for sale are listed in alphabetical order. Please press "CTRL + F" (PC) or "CMD + F" (MAC) to find easily a game with the navigator search tool. Feel free to take a look through our retro game console parts and accessories, our games and accessories on clearance and our video game box protectors. Are you ready for hours of fun and nostalgia?!

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List of Consoles and Accessories
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List of Video Games
ItemsPricesStateConditionMore Info...
007: Blood Stone007: Blood StoneCompleteVery Good 
007: Quantum of Solace10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
007: Quantum of Solace8,00 $CompleteGoodDamaged Artwork
Aliens vs Predator25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Alpha Protocol8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Army of Two: The Devils Cartel10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed [Greatest Hits]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed II [Greatest Hits]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed III5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed Revelations5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed Revelations [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Avatar: The Game15,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Band Hero5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Batman: Arkham Asylum10,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Batman: Arkham Asylum [Game of the Year Edition]5,00 $CompleteMediumDamaged Artwork
Batman: Arkham Origins10,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Battlefield 35,00 $No ManualGoodDamaged Artwork
Battlefield 3 [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Battlefield 3 [Limited Edition]5,00 $CompleteGood 
Battlefield 45,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Battlefield: Bad Company10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Battlefield: Bad Company8,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Battlefield: Bad Company [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [Limited Edition]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Battleship5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Bayonetta20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Beyond: Two Souls10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Beyond: Two Souls8,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Bioshock 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
BioShock Infinite5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions8,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Borderlands8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Borderlands 25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Bulletstorm [Limited Edition]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Burnout Paradise15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare3,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Black Ops8,00 $CompleteGoodWavy Artwork
Call of Duty: Black Ops II15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Ghosts15,00 $SealedVery Good 
Call of Duty: Ghosts8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [Greatest Hits]3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Call of Duty: World at War8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Crysis 3 [Hunter Edition]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dance Dance Revolution15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dark Souls II15,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Dark Void5,00 $CompleteGood 
Darksiders10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dead Island [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dead Island Riptide [Special Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dead Rising 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dead Space [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Def Jam: Rapstar3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Defiance10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Demon's Souls [Greatest Hits]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Destiny5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Diablo III [Ultimate Evil Edition]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dirt 215,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dirt 3 [Complete Edition]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dishonored8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dishonored5,00 $CompleteVery GoodUssed Artwork
Disney Infinity3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Disney Sing It: High School Musical 33,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Doom 3 [BFG Edition]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dragon Age: Origins10,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card
Dragon Age: Origins [Ultimate Edition]25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Duke Nukem Forever15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dungeon Siege 315,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Dungeon Siege III 5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
EA Sports Active 23,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Enchanted Arms20,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Everybody Dance3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
EyePet3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
F1 2013 [PAL]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
F1 Championship Edition10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Fallout 3 [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Fallout: New Vegas5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Far Cry 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Far Cry 35,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Far Cry 3 [Signature Edition]8,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card / Writing in Cover
Far Cry 48,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Far Cry 4 [Limited Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Far Cry Compilation20,00 $No ManualVery Good 
FIFA 143,00 $CompleteVery Good 
FIFA 153,00 $CompleteVery Good 
FIFA 18 [Legacy Edition]10,00 $CompleteGoodDamaged Artwork
FIFA Soccer 093,00 $CompleteVery Good 
FIFA Soccer 103,00 $CompleteVery Good 
FIFA Soccer 123,00 $No ManualVery Good 
FIFA Soccer 123,00 $CompleteVery Good 
FIFA Soccer 133,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Fight Night Round 35,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster [Limited Edition]20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Final Fantasy XIII15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns15,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card
Final Fantasy XIII-215,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card
Front Mission Evolved15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Front Mission Evolved10,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card / Writing in Cover
Get Up And Dance5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
God of War Saga10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 510,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 5 [Sleeve / Not For Resale]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 5 [XL Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 615,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Gran Turismo 615,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Grand Theft Auto IV15,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Map
Grand Theft Auto IV10,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Grand Theft Auto IV [Greatest Hits]8,00 $No ManualGoodUsed Artwork
Grand Theft Auto V15,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Map
Grand Theft Auto V10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City20,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Map
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City [Greatest Hits]20,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Map
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City [Greatest Hits]20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Green Day: Rock Band15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Grid Autosport: Limited Black Edition15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Guitar Hero Aerosmith8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Guitar Hero World Tour8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Heavenly Sword15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Heavy Rain [Director's Cut]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Heavy Rain [Director's Cut] [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Hitman Absolution10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
InFamous10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
InFamous [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
InFamous 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Infamous 2 [Sleeve / Not For Resale] (No Manual)10,00 $No ManualVery Good 
InFamous 2 [Spanich Artwork]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
InFamous Collection10,00 $Disc OnlyVery Good 
Injustice Gods Among Us [Ultimate Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Inversion5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Jak & Daxter Collection30,00 $CompleteVery Good 
John Daly's ProStroke Golf3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Just Cause 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Kane & Lynch Dead Men15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Killzone 28,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Killzone 2 [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteGoodUsed Artwork
Killzone 38,00 $CompleteVery Good 
L.A. Noire10,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO Batman: The Videogame5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-710,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO Marvel's Avengers8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO Rock Band10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LEGO The Hobbit10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LittleBigPlanet10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LittleBigPlanet 25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year Edition [Greatest Hits]5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Lost Planet 210,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Lost Planet 310,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Madden 20093,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Madden NFL 103,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Mafia II [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
MAG [Greatest Hits]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Major League Baseball 2K123,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Mass Effect 38,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Mass Effect Trilogy30,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Max Payne 310,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Medal of Honor [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteGoodUsed Artwork
Medal of Honor: Warfighter [Limited Edition]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [Wallmart]20,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Soundtrack
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots15,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [Greatest Hits]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain20,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Map
Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Midnight Club Los Angeles [Complete Edition] [Greatest Hits]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Midnight Club Los Angeles [Complete Edition] [Greatest Hits]15,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Minecraft10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Minecraft: Story Mode Season Pass Disc10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
MLB 09: The Show5,00 $SealedVery Good 
MLB 12: The Show3,00 $No ManualVery Good 
MLB 13: The Show3,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Monopoly8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Monster Madness Grave Danger20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe [Greatest Hits]10,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition [Greatest Hits]20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
MotorStorm8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
MX vs ATV: Untamed5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NASCAR 083,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NASCAR 1410,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NBA Live 105,00 $SealedVery Good 
Need for Speed Most Wanted [Limited Edition]8,00 $No ManualGoodWavy Artwork
Need for Speed Undercover15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Need for Speed: Prostreet [Greatest Hits]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Need For Speed: Rivals [Greatest Hits]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Need for Speed: Shift15,00 $SealedVery GoodBroken Seal
Need for Speed: Shift10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Need For Speed: The Run [Limited Edition]15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NFL Tour3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL [Legacy Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 083,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 093,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 103,00 $CompleteGood 
NHL 103,00 $No ManualVery Good 
NHL 113,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 113,00 $No ManualVery Good 
NHL 123,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 133,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 143,00 $CompleteVery Good 
NHL 2K95,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [Steelbook]25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Prince of Persia: Classic Trilogy HD40,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands15,00 $CompleteGoodChipped Case
Pro Evolution Soccer 20095,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Pro Evolution Soccer 20105,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Prototype 210,00 $CompleteVery GoodInclude Slip Cover
Quantum Theory20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rage8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rage5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Rage [Anarchy Edition]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rage [Anarchy Edition]8,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time [Greatest Hits]15,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Red Dead Redemption [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteGood 
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Red Faction: Guerrilla 5,00 $No ManualGood 
Remember Me15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resident Evil 515,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resident Evil 615,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resistance 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resistance: Fall of Man10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resistance: Fall of Man [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Resonance of Fate20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rock Band 210,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rock Band 25,00 $CompleteVery GoodChipped Case
Rock Band 320,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 160,00 $CompleteGoodUsed Box
Skate 3 [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include REG Card / Writing in Cover
Skylanders Swap Force [Game Only]8,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Sniper Elite V25,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Sniper: Ghost Warrior8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection15,00 $CompleteVery Good*
South Park: The Stick of Truth [Greatest Hits]10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Spec Ops: The Line10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Sports Champions3,00 $CompleteGoodDamaged Case
Sports Champions3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Star Wars The Force Unleashed10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II15,00 $CompleteGood 
Start the Party3,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Stuntman Ignition10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Syndicate10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tekken 615,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tekken 610,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Terminator Salvation20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Beatles: Rock Band10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Evil Within15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Last of Us15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Last of Us10,00 $No ManualGoodDamaged Artwork
The Lord of the Rings Conquest20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest10,00 $CompleteGood 
The Saboteur20,00 $CompleteVery GoodCIB+ : Include Extra / Writing in Cover
The Saboteur20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
The Sly Collection40,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 073,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 083,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 093,00 $No ManualVery Good 
TNA Impact15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD35,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Vegas5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [Greatest Hits]5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell Blacklist15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell Double Agent15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tomb Raider5,00 $CompleteVery GoodWriting in Cover
Tomb Raider [Exclusive Edition]20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tomb Raider: Underworld10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tony Hawk Project 810,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tony Hawk: Shred5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Top Spin 35,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Top Spin 45,00 $No ManualVery Good 
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen15,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Tron: Evolution5,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Two Worlds II10,00 $CompleteVery Good 
UEFA Euro 20088,00 $CompleteVery Good 
UFC Undisputed 20095,00 $CompleteVery Good 
UFC Undisputed 20105,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [Game of the Year Edition]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [Game of the Year Edition]5,00 $CompleteGoodWavy Artwork
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [Greatest Hits]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Virtua Fighter 510,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Warhammer 40000: Space Marine20,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Warhawk [Greatest Hits]8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Watch Dogs8,00 $CompleteVery Good 
Wonderbook: Book of Spells5,00 $No ManualVery Good 
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 200910,00 $No ManualVery Good 
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 201020,00 $CompleteVery Good